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HonForum.com – ESTABLISHED WEBSITE BUSINESS FOR SALE Picture and Description:

 89831604306414780 HonForum.com   ESTABLISHED WEBSITE BUSINESS FOR SALE

HonForum.com is for SALE Heroes of Newerth Game Forum 8,000 Forum Members - 1,400 Facebook Fans on our own page - 4.200+ intedex URLs by Google What is Heroes of Newerth ? Heroes of Newerth is a game similar to DotA, DotA is one of the top 5 most played games in the world. Heroes of Newerth will be out soon and many people had tried the beta version and the game allredy has a big fan base. About the forum The forum uses a SEO version of vBulletin and its very well optimized for search engines. We have 8000 Forum Members, 1400 Facebook fans on our page and our record is 181 registered users for 1 day !! 4.200 indexed URLs by Google For more visit the site Click HERE to view forum Click to view FaceBook page Domain Info HonForum.com is registered at GoDaddy.com 8/27/2010 Site Statistics Google Statistics Sitemaps Top Search Queries by Google Forum Statistics Registration Stars User Activity Stats from site counter SEO Info Keyword-friendly URLs (Thread) Keyword-friendly URLs (Member Profiles) Keyword-friendly URLs (Social Groups) Keyword-friendly URLs (Thread Attachments & Images) 301 Redirect Old Standard URLs 301 Redirect Old Non-Standard URLs Permalinks (Posts) Permalinks (User Profiles) Permalinks (User Albums) Permalinks (Blogs) Permalinks (Social Group Discussions) Permalinks (Social Group Pictures) Stop-word Filter for URLs (optional) Character Replacements for URLs Word Limit for URLs Architecture Hierarchic URL Structure 100% Canonical Structure Reformat Archive into an HTML Sitemap Invert Archive Thread Display Order Custom 404 Page Support Homepage Aliases Extensibility Custom Rewrite Rules (CRR) Custom Redirects Functions for Extensibility (for Developers) Logging & Tracking Google Analytics Integration Log Search Engine Spiders Tracking External Link Clicks Funnel Analytics for Member Registrations Basic Segmentation Tracking Enhanced Segmentation Tracking HTML Virtual HTML Display Links Anchor Text Replacement (Internal) Links Anchor Text Replacement (External) Dynamic Meta Tags Acronym Expansion (in Content) Acronym Expansion (in URLs) Guest Visitor Conditionals Direct Links to True Target (removes redirects) Cleanup HTML Image dimensions Linkbacks Full Pingback/Trackback/Refback System XMLRPC ping system Social Bookmarking (Per Thread) Social Bookmarking (Per Post) Non-English Character Replacement Monetization Google Adsense targeting tags Auction Sales Policy: Your bid is a contract - Place a bid only if you're serious about buying the item. Transfer Details: We will transfer the domain on GoDaddy and send you the files to install, if you cant install we will intall it for you. Payment Details: Paypal Contact: Contact us with any ?'s: admin@sociboook.com