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We find the most interesting Established Websites For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the ESTABLISHED ZHU ZHU HAMSTER WEBSITE BUSINESS FOR SALE for sale on the Internet.

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Note: WebsitesWorldwide has an Ebay PowerSeller Account with 100% positive feedback because we work hard with you to make your website a success. CASH IN ON THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER TOY FOR 2009/2010 - TOYS R US HAVE RUN OUT OF STOCK ALREADY AND EVERYWHERE PEOPLE ARE SPENDING $$$'s TO GET THEIR KIDS A ZHU ZHU HAMSTER. A UNIQUE ESTABLISHED WEBSITE WITH STUNNING BESPOKE GRAPHICS IS FOR SALE! (this gorgeous design will never be for sale again) Click here or on the image below to visit the website EVERY PAGE IS EDITABLE VIA THE EASY TO USE ADMIN PANEL; YOU CAN ADD PAGES AND DELETE THEM - YOU WILL LOVE THE EASE OF USE AND POTENTIAL PROFITABILITY OF THIS WEBSITE .... THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT OR LIKE US ON EBAY! There is nothing else to pay other than the auction price... NO hidden transfer fees NO hidden hosting fees NO hidden domain fees NO hidden set-up fees NO EXTRA CHARGES EVER! We have a number of profitable established websites ourselves and know what works! We guide you every step of the way and will configure the website to include your affiliate links and also help you find your way around the admin area. This established website is a professional one-off (the design will never be sold or used again by us). It is a bespoke design and offers you a website business which will make you money effortlessly - you need no html or web design experience. We have built a one-off beautifully designed website/blog that is going to be a money-making phenomenon. Hours and hours of work have been put into this site to ensure a high-profit return and extreme ease of use. Most people today are familiar with the term blog, for those that are not here is a short video as an introduction:- So now you know what a blog is but are you aware how powerful it is? Search engines LOVE blog posts. Therefore: INCREASED RANKINGS = INCREASED TRAFFIC But ..... we didn't just want to design a blog, we wanted an all dancing all singing money making machine, and for that we needed to include affiliate programs. HOW IS MONEY MADE? The website is monetarized with 3 profitable, easy to join, affiliate programs (affiliate programs refer to the practice in which a website business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought from the affiliate's website business) we provide you the website links and help as needed with how to easily join each and then adapt the website for you. There are no charges for joining the affiliate programs. You could also easily add more affiliate programs yourself such as Commission Junction for even more revenue. The three programs are described below - The way that the Amazon Affiliate program works is that when you refer someone to their website business via a product link, widget, or search box, you earn a commission on anything that is purchased within a 24-hour period after they have clicked your link. This does not have to be a related product to your website business, they just need to have clicked through from your site. Amazon is probably the most successful affiliate program around as there really is the potential to easily make a lot of money. All items sold are coming directly from Amazon (there is nothing for you to ship out or invoice for). You receive 4%-9% commission on any item that gets sold from your website. This may not sound so much on a $5.99 product but bear in mind customers do also purchase products such as movie cameras at $599 (even if your site is not movie camera related, if they came through your website link to buy the product the affiliate commission is yours!) The other bonus is that it has been proven that the majority of website customers will purchase more than one item, and you will receive your comission on each. Below is a snapshot of the earnings from 1 month from one of our established business websites, which is easily achievable: Your business website is configured to show thousands of products from Amazon, all are viewable on your website but to purchase, a customer goes via Amazon. It has been discovered that rather than putting customers off that they are visiting another domain to pay, it actually encourages them to complete the order as Amazon are such a well-known and trusted name. Google Adsense is on every page of the website in the form of text advertising or image advertising. Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to display relevant, unobtrusive Google ads on their website's content pages and earn money. Because the ads are related to what your users are looking for on your site, you'll have a way to both monetize and enhance your content pages. You are paid each time a link is clicked on by a visitor to the website, which can quickly add up to a valued monthly income. Below is a snapshot as an example of one month of our earnings using Google Adsense on all our established websites (a lot is unfortunately hidden as we are not allowed by Google to place any figures on here other than the actual amounts earned) With Google Adsense you can easily earn the same each and every month. The program is easy to sign up with and your earning can be paid direct to your bank account at the end of each month. The eBay Affiliate Program pays established website owners to drive new users and sales to eBay. Affiliates promote eBay with innovative tools, such as the Editor's Kit which we use to directly target what your store is selling. In return, the affiliate receives commissions for driving new, active users as well as winning bids and "Buy It Now" purchases. Currently, the top 25 affiliates in the program average above $100,000 in monthly commissions (we're not in that top 25 unfortunately icon smile ESTABLISHED ZHU ZHU HAMSTER WEBSITE BUSINESS FOR SALE but the possibility to get there is open to us all). STICKY CONTENT As a business website owner you will want visitors to return to your website again and again and that is the point of including 'sticky' content. We have included a selection of related videos for your visitors to return to see, all theme related! You are able to easily add new pages of content via the admin area whenever you wish. DOMAIN NAME A domain name is important as it must be memorable and it also helps if it describes what the website is about. There are of course exceptions, Google.com for instance, but these type of websites have millions of dollars available as an advertising budget and we have designed our business websites asssuming that you don't. We purchase our domain names from GoDaddy as we find them reliable and easy to use; again, not the cheapest around but it is important to feel that your domain name is held in safe-hands. It is very easy (and free) to open an account with them if you do not already have one, and once you have passed us your username we will shift the domain name to your ownership. The renewal charge for the domain name after a year will be approximately $10 which you will pay direct to GoDaddy. The domain name ZhuZhuHamsters.me is a fantastic domain name and well searched for, it wont be long before this site is number 1 for that phrase. A BIT ABOUT WEBSITESWORLDWIDE I work full-time in my own small design company with a team of two other talented website designers. I relocated to the South of France three years ago for the great lifestyle, beautiful countryside and of course fabulous food and wine. I have managed to do this as I earn a decent living from the internet which means I can really live anywhere in the World so long as I can access fast internet speeds. We sell established business websites on Ebay, have a number of long-standing design clients from around the World and also have our own money-making business websites; our aim is to help you also make money from the internet and we believe we can help you succeed. Once you purchase a business website you will receive access to our private help forum where you can ask any questions and possibly make suggestions. You will receive a Word document listing in detail where you have to go and what you have to do to make your new website operational in your name; once you have signed up everywhere necessary we will immediately make the changes to your website and help you with the setting up. OUR FEEDBACK We have worked hard to keep our feedback at 100% positive and intend to do our utmost to keep it that way. Below are a very small selection of some of the most recent feedback we have received for providing websites. Click here or on the image below to view all our feedback. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Below are the most commonly found questions we are asked, but please do email or message us if there is anything else you need to know: Q: Will I totally own this business website? A: Yes, all graphics, domain name, design and content will belong solely to you Q: Do I have to hold or send out any stock? A: No, this is the beauty of this website; you get to stock and profit from thousands of products but you never need to stock any or send any out. You don't even need to update the products. Q: Can I resell it at a later date? A: Yes, that is no problem at all ... it will be your business website to do with as you wish Q: Do I have to host the website with you? A: No, if you would like to use your own hosting there is an extra charge of $30 and it must be a Unix server with a CPanel (not Windows). Q: Will I be charged for hosting the website with you and is there any advertising on the hosting? A: No, we will never charge you and it is totally advert free. You will receive a Cpanel with password access where you can add email addresses, look at stats etc. Q: Can I have an email account for my domain? A: Yes, you can have a number of email accounts, they are simple to set up within the Cpanel you will receive. Q: I have seen a similar established business website for sale on Ebay for $9.99, why are yours more expensive? A: Put simply, you get what you pay for. We offer superb established websites with fantastic support, you are unlikely to find any support with a website for $9.99. You may also find that you are required to sign up with their hosting at a monthly premium...just $10 a month will mean you are spending $120 each and every year. Q: Can you make me my own bespoke website like these with my own chosen niche, for example: childrens clothes? A: Yes, we are happy to design an affiliate business website especially for you. The charge would be the Buy It Now price of other auctions, and once designed we would send you a link to your personal auction in order to purchase it. Contact us for more details. Q: Do I have to update the business website with new products? A: No, it is all totally automated. Q: Will this website work for me if I live outside US? A: Yes, it can be run from anywhere in the World Q: Can I have the products priced in GBP instead as I want it to be a UK store? A: Yes, no problem at all, just let us know once you have purchased and we will change it for you. This also applies if you would prefer it to be a Euro store. Q: If this website is so great why are you selling it? A: We do run similar established business websites but what we like best is designing. Q: Can you quote me for any other design work? A: Yes, we would be happy to. We are able to design for print (menus, posters, brochures etc.) as well as web designs. Q: Once I have purchased, how long will it take to get everything set up in my name? A: We will send you the Word doc describing where you have to sign up and exactly what you have to do within 12 hours of end of auction. Most of the time, the affiliate programs accept you instantly, sometimes this can take a few days. As soon as we have all information needed we will make the changes for you, again within 12 hours. ARE YOU READY TO TAKE ACTION? Visit the website business by clicking on any of the logo banners and have a good look through Any questions you may have please contact us via Ebay or by emailing me at: penny@turnkey-designs.com We look forward to working with you to make your new website a success very soon! Copyright 2009 Established Business Websites . All rights reserved.