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We find the most interesting Established Websites For Sale. Here is the best deal we found for the ESTABLISHED SOCIAL MARKETING WEBSITE FOR SALE for sale on the Internet.

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Important NotesThis auction is for the website only. Website hosting is $4.95 a month or $59.40 a year. If you purchase some of our hosing plans for a period of one year in advance you receive a free domain name for your website. Otherwise the price for it is $12 or you can use your own domain name. You are free to transfer the website to another hosting within one week of purchase.Affiliate Social Marketing WebsiteTHE BETTER WEBSITES FOR SALEWe provide a professional designed business websites. You just need to simply choose a website and start your business easily. Now you can generate huge income while you enjoy your life the way you really want! Who can start with this online business? We strive to allow regular folks, work from home moms and dads and internet entrepreneurs all alike – to make money online with affiliate websites – readymade, fully featured, fully automated and easy to use websites.Professional Designed Website for SaleFully Automated Affiliate Business Supported by Amazon Associate & Google Adsensewww.social-marketing.prositeslab.comeBay do not allow link to the live demo site, however the site is live online to view. If you are looking for an opportunity to have your own business at a LOW COST and NO EFFORT, this is a perfect solution. Have you ever wanted to run your own online business from the comfort of your own home with the potential to make up to $100k per year but didn't know where to start? If so then you have come to the right place. Please take a few minutes to read over the details. You won't regret it! This is a great chance to buy on a professional, huge potential income; custom designed, real, affiliate online business. Store Page:Our website with thousands of products, all the income will be making when the visitors buy the product and you can earn up to 10% commission from Amazon for each sale! Products are update automatically! Search Function: The Search function will make your visitor to easily find the product they want by using the keyword they type. Product Pages:Product Detail and Customer Review Rating are showing on each product on your store. It will increase your sell through rate!!Video Page:YouTube Videos are showing on your site, it will display the most popular and updated videos on YouTube related to your topic. Your visitors can click on a video and watch it directly from your website.Adsense ads on every page and inside the product listings. Get paid for each click!When an order is made, you get the commission without doing anything!No need to contact wholesale suppliers, order products, etc.No need to update the website - New products and latest videos will be added automatically!Fully AutomatedThe Business Runs On Auto Pilot, Thousands Of Items Updated Every Day AutomaticallyAll our websites are completely automated, ready-to-go and every page is self-updating. We have done all the work for you, the only thing you’ll need to do is bring people to your website and check to see how much money you’ve earned. Choose a topic from our selection now! Profitable Income StreamsFaster Return On Investment (ROI) Compare To Those Offline BusinessesYou could start be a boss with a low cost and work at home. 2 income sources bring you a very huge potential income. When a visitor orders something from your website, you will earn up to 10% on every sale. Even visitor clicks on any of the ads links or banners from your website, you can make money without selling anything. You can easily to generate $2,000 income per month just working at home! You will be paid monthly via mailed check or direct deposit into your bank account.Professionally Designed Fully Functional & Pro Designed Website, No Technical Knowledge Is Required!Each website page includes unique range of product categories, with working navigation bars, images and even usable text! Our complete, working websites are custom-designed by professionals just for your desired type of business. You do not need to know any technical knowledge as we have made it very easy via an integrated control panel. You can start making money today with a fully functional and beautifully designed website, ready loaded with products.Integrated Control PanelUser Friendly For Beginner With Integrated Control PanelAll our sites include an integrated control panel that allows you to manage the whole website. The interface is very user friendly – just point and click. You can add new, edit or delete website pages, blog posts, change navigation labels, pictures, products and many more other settings based on your own preference. No red-tape to follow, no permission from upper level!Reliable Business PartnerAll websites are supported by Amazon Associates, Google AdSenseGoogle Adsense and Amazon Associates are 2 well-known online companies that you can trust. Having liaisons with these reliable and responsible partners, not only your reputation is assured but also the guarantee of receiving your payment monthly. You will have no worry about run off partners, and conversely your can have easily accessible affiliate accounts with them to keep track of your income.Minimal Work RequiredNo Shipping Involved, No Inventory Handle, No Customer To Deal WithOur websites sell products using Amazon Associates program. They will also process the payment, ship the order, and handle customer service, so you don’t need to do anything when an order is made through your website! In addition, our websites display advertising by Google AdSense. When a visitor clicks on one of the ads, you will get paid from Google Adsense for that click. As these sites are more SEO based, it is highly recommended to continually add articles and update the content on the site often. We provide easy tools to allow you to do this. Everything is taken care of and you can work from home promoting your site. Yes, it’s that simple!24/7 days unlimited supportUNLIMITED Customer Support via Email.You may login to our Extensive Knowledgebase Support to find out all the information that you need to run your website. If you have any other doubt which you cannot find solution from our website, you have absolute freedom to email us, our servicing and technical staffs are ready to give you all the help anytime. Plus, we will be with you every step of the way and answer any questions you have at anytime. We will do everything we can for your business success.BonusFree eBook, Free Affiliate Program SetupFREE AFFILIATE PROGRAM SETUP - we will completely help you setup your affiliate id into your website for free. With every auction win you'll receive a $50 gift voucher for shopping on our website.How it works?All websites are built entirely with reliable business partner which supported by Amazon Associates, Google AdSense, so your income generated from your website are basically based on these 2 sources.Google AdsenseGoogle AdSense is most likely the easiest way to make money on the internet. Our website comes with Adsense ads on each page and they have strategically located which will enable you to get paid regularly from Google Adsense. Google Adsense only place relevant ads suited to the content on this website, When a visitor clicks on one of the ads in your website, Google pays you for that click from a few cents to $10 per click, so you can profit even from a customer that doesn’t buy anything!Here is an example of how possible the profit can be generated!Paid Per ClickClicks Per DayApproximate Revenue (Month)$0.50 20 $300.00 $1.00 50 $1,500.00 $2.00 100 $6,000.00 Amazon AssociatesAmazon Associates program is among the most respected and favorite affiliate programs. Our website features an integrated shopping cart with HUGE AMOUNT of products listed and available for sale. Each product on your site has a specially formatted link embedded with your Associate ID. This allows Amazon Associates to track visits and sales generated from your site. When visitors follow your links, and proceeds to make a purchase, Amazon Associates will pay you commission of up to 10% of the sale price. All you have to do is sit back and watch your sales roll in. All new products released on Amazon will be automatically updated onto the website, they will also process the payment, ship the order, and handle customer service, so you don’t need to do anything when an order arrives!Take a look at the chart below of your approximate monthly income based on this online business:Number of Customers per dayApproximate Revenue Per Day Approximate Revenue (Month)56$900.001590$2700.0040240$7200.00So, the more visitors you have in your website, the higher chance they will buy or click the affiliate links and hence the greater chance you will increase your income. Knowing how to build traffic to your website is the key to make your online business more successful. If you have no experience in doing business or building network, you do not have to worry too. Once you have become our member, we will provide you an inclusive tutorials of internet marketing guide and eBooks (free download!!), which enable you to learn how to run your website from top to toe.GuaranteeSetup - We will setup your new website within 48 hours.Hosting - uptime is never below 99.99% of the time. Control - Full control of your website design and hosting account - admin control panel, ftp, emails, etc.Support - Unlimited support by email.Domain name & Transfer Your purchase comes with a Free Domain Name registration through Godaddy. It will be transferred to your Godaddy account free of charge. You will also receive step by step instructions of how to choose your domain and complete the transfer of your domain name into your account. Please note that we are only able to transfer (Push) domains to Godaddy accounts. ICANN rules prohibit transfers to an alternative registrar for 60 days from the date of Domain registration. If you do not have an account at Godaddy, you can get one free. We will give you full instructions with your welcome pack. The Free Domain Name is only available if you purchase some of our hosing plans for a period of one year in advance. Otherwise the price is $12. If you have your own domain name , you'll receive full instructions and assistance to set it up to work with your new website for free.Website Hosting Website Hosting is an online space where all of the files and folders of your site are kept and enables your site to be viewed from anywhere in the world. If required, we will supply your hosting through us, and it's the only hosting solution you will ever need. You will benefit from a 99.9% uptime and professional 24/7 support. It comes complete with the ever popular and easy to use cPanel, which allows you to monitor your sites traffic, set up unlimited email accounts, manage your sites files and much much more. The cost of hosting this website is $59.40 per year which is equivalent to $4.95 per month. For further information about this and other plans ( if you are purchasing multiple websites from us and need more space ), please have look at the table bellow:Hosting Plans/FeaturesPlan 1Plan 2Price per Year$59,40 / $4,95 per month$118,80 / $9,90 per monthHosted Domains1 DomainUp to 5 DomainsFree Domain(s)*1 Domain2 DomainsDisk space (GB)1 GB5 GBBandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedParked Domains1 Domainup to 5 DomainsFTP Accountsup to 5up to 20Mail Accountsup to 5up to 20Sub DomainsUnlimitedUnlimitedAdd On DomainsNoneUp to 5MySQL Databasesup to 5up to 20Control Panel - cPanelYesYesWeb mailYesYesBackupsYesYesWeb DiskYesYes *The Free Domain Name is only available if you purchase some of our hosing plans for a period of one year in advance. Otherwise the price is $12. If You Are Using Your Own Hosting Account ! If you would like to use your own hosting there will be a $25.00 installation charge, to transfer and set up the site. We will need full access to your hosting account, and the host must support PHP5 & MySQL 4 or later, and run cPanel. Please note that we are no longer installing to non-cPanel Hosting accounts. You are also free to transfer the website to another hosting by yourself within one week of purchase. We'll provide you all the files and instructions you need to do that. Please email us through the eBay contact form if you are unsure.Frequently Ask Questions:Q: I have never run an online business or website before, is it possible for me to run it with no experience?Yes, assuming you know how to use a computer and can comfortably surfing the internet, you have the required skills to run our websites. Even, if you have no experience as a website owner or operator. Every one of our sites includes an integrated control panel that lets you manage the whole website. We will provide you with all the information that you need for running this business effortlessly.Q: Who is the owner of the website?Yes the website will belong to you when we have confirmed with you via email. You will keep 100% of your profits and ownership; furthermore, we don’t interfere in the operation of your business in any way.Q: Should I worry about hidden fees?No! All your pay is a onetime fee (Buy it Now amount) to buy this website and start your business online. Plus, this website includes free domain name (any available .com /.net /.org / .biz / .us/ .co.uk/ .info/ .in) and 1 month hosting. After the first month, you may continue using our hosting services at low price in order to get unlimited support.Q: Can I move my site to another host after you build it?Yes, you can. It is your website and you can move it anytime you want. But, first we must install it on our server. We will assist you in installing and setting up the website in your servers for a fee. However, we recommend staying with the current server in order to avoid site down-time lost in switching servers. And once the site is move, the free domain name and support are not provided!Q: Is it really possible to make money with these sites?Certainly! Every website we offer has demonstrated profitability, with the potential to make money within the initial month. Profit potential is virtually unlimited, with the only limitation being your commitment to your business. The ads in your website alone will most likely generate enough profit to cover your hosting fees provided you promote your website properly through Google. As with every kind of business in the real world, your success will depend on your investment of time, work and resources.Q: What is the return policy?We have the cost of the hosting, domain name, as well as the hours going into building the website and updating the codes etc. As such, and this being a digital service there are not any refunds. Hence the website being live for you to view right now before you purchase, and with proper promotion and marketing, the return on investment will quickly outweigh the cost of purchase. However, if you decide it’s not for you or perhaps you don’t have the time to devote to it, or whatever the reason is…. We do give you 100% ownership of the website, domain and hosting, so you are allowed to sell it to someone else. Many times we have clients telling us that they have sold their website for more money than they paid through us!Q: How long will it take to get my website?We can guarantee to setup your website for you WITHIN 24 hours, once you have settled the payment. We will notify you via email, together with all the account’s information that you needed. Also, we will send you the link for creating your associate accounts with Amazon Associates and Google Adsense. This is a free and easy process that should take about 10 minutes.Q: Can I add my own content to my website?Yes, and please feel free to do so. You will have full control over your store using the personal control panel, and you are highly encouraged to develop unique and interesting contents (especially in the article section) so that you can attract more visitors. Update articles regularly to drive targeted traffic from the search engines into your niche website. This is a tried and effective marketing plan that can really generate big income if you can manage it well.Q: Can I resell my website?Yes! It is your option to sell it whenever you choose. As the proprietor of a business, it is up to you to choose what to make of it. Reselling our websites is yet another exciting way to make money! You can resell the website at any time, as long as it is sold complete with the domain name and hosting you purchased it with. However, you cannot make copies of the website and resell them as this would be a breach of the terms of our copyright agreement. Purchasing this website is your agreement to the copyright.Q: Do I have to live in United States in order to run the business?Absolutely no! Our websites are function able in all countries. We have customers from all over the world in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Germany, Canada, Sweden, Australia, China, New Zealand, India, United States and many more! Note: The Amazon Associates program is not applicable in the USA states of North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Colorado.Q: Can I design my own domain name or using my existing domain name?Absolutely yes. All our customers can have their own-designed domain name for free, for example: www.yourdomainname.com (or .net /.org / .biz / .us/ .co.uk/ .info). If you have an existing domain name want to setup as your new website, simply indicate your existing domain name in our Order Page, and then learn from our Knowledgebase how to point your DNS upon purchase. Specifically, we will provide you with two name servers for you to put in your registrar.Q: Can I add Meta (title, description, and keyword) myself for SEO purpose?Yes, you can do so in your personal control panel. This is a very good practice to increase your website’s popularity and make Search Engine Spider recognize you, find you and bring more visitors to your website. You can learn more SEO marketing strategy in our Knowledgebase.Q: When and how do I get paid?You are paid directly from Amazon Associates and Google Adsense on monthly basis. When you deploy your website, you are given instructions (and a hyperlink) to sign-up at these various programs, where you can choose how you would like to be paid. The pay-out schedules will vary from program to program and you can choose to receive a check in the mail or have the money directly deposited into your bank account! Q: Are there any other costs or charges?A: The only additional charges you will have to pay is the website hosting charge, of $59.40, which is payable prior to us transferring the website to you. This cost renewable annually. The Domain Name Renewal charge to Godaddy (Approx $11.99 or less) will also be payable after the first 12 months. If you are not using the existing hosting, and would like us to install the site to your server, there will be a $25.00 installation charge.Q: If I have more than one site from you , should I pay $59.40 USD for each one?A: No! You are free to upgrade your plan at any time and save with our hosting plans. * $59.40 USD per year ($4.95 USD per month) – you can host 1 website with 1GB disk space $118.80 USD per year ($9.90 USD per month) – you can host up to 5 websites with 5GB disk space If you have more than 5 websites or need more disk space, please contact us to get your special discounts. There is no contract and accounts may be cancelled at anytime, but there is no refund if you still have any months left for use.Q: Do you offer support?A: Yes! Not only do we provide 24/7 hosting support, we will also support your website as long as your remain hosted with us. We offer extremely competitive hosting packages to complement your website and ensure that they run efficiently. We also guarantee 99% uptime as well.Q: What happens next if I win the auction?A: You will receive an email, after you have made payment, with step by step instructions, on how to join the merchants programs (e.g. Google and Amazon). Once they have forwarded your affiliate ID's you need to enter them into a form that we will send you. Once completed the form should be sent to us, and we can then begin to update the website with your new ID's which will enable you to be paid by the merchant. We will aim to have your new site live within 2 working days - often a lot faster. Please note we cannot guarantee acceptance into each merchants program, however we will offer advice on how to complete your application.Q: I've never ran a website before - What Knowledge do I need?A: Absolutely None! Your new website updates automatically, so no work is required to maintain it. However you will probably want to grow your site, by adding more articles. This is a simple process that can be managed from the sites control panel.Q: Do you run my turnkey website for me?A: No. You run your business yourself. What we do is to set it up for you, launch it, and give you marketing support, website support and much more with tips, hints, and ebooks teaching you how to market your business. But you take care of the day by day operations and of all the marketing/advertising and any promotional efforts.Q: Is the website easy to edit/change?A: Yes the site has its own control panel which makes editing and adding content simple.Q: Can I really make money from one of these websites?A: Absolutely! All of our sites are proven money-making businesses and all of them can begin generating a profit within the first 30 days. Adding Google Adsense alone will most likely generate enough profit to cover your hosting fees provided you advertise and promote your website properly. Of course, as with any real world business the more time, money, and effort put into the business will determine how successful the business becomes.Q: Do you give me back my money if i don’t like the website?A: No, we don’t. We have expenses for building up a site, purchasing the domain name, etc and you can see a demo of what you are going to buy, before you buy it. If the website is properly promoted and advertised then you would never have a reason to need a refund.Q: How long does it take for my turnkey website to be online ready to take orders?A: It takes up to 2 business days from ordering.Q: Can I change the graphics, content or add articles to my website?A: Yes (In fact we encourage adding new articles and information to your website, since this will make it even more interesting for your visitors) . You can also add additional content, banners, affiliate links, and any other changes you prefer as you have 100% ownership of the site.Q: Can I resell my website?A: No. This website is sold with personal use rights only, it is not sold with any resale rights. You may not make copies of the website and resell them as this would breach the terms of our copyright.Terms and Conditions: Agreement In Terms & Conditions: Please take notes that when you place your bid, you are completely aware and understood our terms and conditions of this auction, also you are agreed to all the instructions and requirements mentioned. Serious Bidders Only Please! Your bidding is an agreement, a contract. Bid only if you are interested in owning this item, as violators will be reported directly to eBay. No Guarantee: All information shown (e.g. earning figures) is only tentative or potential, appropriate with rules and regulations. Your potential in making profit/success in business is subjective to many factors including your management skill, marketing strategy, ability, amount of effort to handle your website, etc. Please Ask Questions Before Bid (Especially If You Have Less Than 5 Feedbacks) : Please throw your questions to us and clear all your doubts BEFORE bidding. We are always available to help as we at all times hope NO ARGUEMENT after bidding! Intended buyers who do not agree with our terms and conditions are NOT encouraged to bid! Ignorance of this rules and disputes after auction closed will warrant your name to be reported to Ebay Trust and Safety Group. Paypal: The only accepted payment mode is Paypal. No Refund: Once the website is sold, NO REFUND will be given under any circumstances. Auction Payment: Auction payment MUST be settled within 3 days (72 hours) when auction closed. Otherwise, buyer’s account (of unpaid strike) will be reported to eBay and your item will be re-listed for bidding.Feedback We exchange ++ feedback with every transaction, if you are not satisfied with the transaction, please give us an opportunity to correct the problem. Froo www.froo.com | Froo Cross Sell, Free Cross Sell, Cross promote, eBay Marketing, eBay listing Apps, eBay Apps, eBay Application